A day in the life of a Unicoi camper

A day in the life of a Unicoi camper

Today my mom woke me up sooooo early! “Get up and get dressed she said, you’re going to summer camp.” “What?! Summer Camp?” I groaned.  Little did I know my mom is the bestest, she’d signed me up for the greatest summer camp EVER!

Next thing I know it’s almost 9:00 a.m. and mom and I are on a the porch of Unicoi Art Studio.  My mom lets me ring the doorbell.  “What’s a Unicoi?” I wonder.  No time to ask mom because we are suddenly greeted by Mrs. Nora (middle name Unicoi) Stewart and the next thing I know I’m whisked inside and ready for today’s adventure.  “Bye mom!” I blow kisses as the door closes.

I look around and I don’t see anyone I know….but I know mom would tell me, “make new friends” so I ask a few kids if I can join their card game.  They are super nice and let me play with them!  However, much to my surprise a few minutes later two kids from my class at school show up too!  We move on to a craft table and pretty soon I hear a Tinkerbell ring. (Tinkerbell is one of my favorites!) All the kids go quite as we listen to the rules for summer camp.

Mrs. Nora then explains that each morning we work on a mixed media project for one hour.  Today our project involves learning, exploring and using clay! It feels squishy and cool, so I love clay.  After we are done we wash up and have lunch.  Mom packed all my favorites: grapes, cold pizza and a juice box!

During lunch Mrs. Nora tells the funniest story ever!  There’s an old lady and her name is Mrs. Magillicutty and she went to Starbucks only, it took her a super long time to get there because she’s 103 years old.  I guess you don’t move very fast when you’re that old, I wouldn’t know, I’m just a kid.  So then Mrs. McGullicutty starts singing a song it goes like this, “I like coffee, I like tea, my name is Mrs. Magillicutty!”  All the kids roar with laughter because after her coffee she moves and dances really fast!

After lunch we get to play outside at Hamlin Park!  We walk over to the park and our art teachers bring a whole suit case full of cool stuff like soccer balls, sidewalk chalk, markers and sketch pads.  We play at the park for a whole hour, way longer than recess at school!  Some of the kids go home after we play in the park but not me, my mom must have known I wouldn’t be  ready to stop having so much fun.

More kids come for afternoon camp so I make even more new friends.  Right now it’s free time so we are playing Sweet Streets and others play Strawberry Shortcake.  The boys play with Legos and space hero action figures – boys are soooooo weird!  Next we do a drawing and painting project.  This was neat because I learned there’s so much to learn about drawing and painting.  Mrs. Nora rings the Tinkerbell again to remind us to dip our paint brushes in the water and then put paint on the tips. Whew! I almost forgot!

Summer art camp is the best! You know what? I even got to help write a newspaper! It got printed and distributed outside and everything. Thanks Mom, for signing me up for a week of camp, maybe next summer I can do it for two weeks, or three or maybe the whole summer long! What do you say Mom?IMG_1381

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