Adult art classes

Paint The Town

It’s time to paint this town, Chicago!

Perfect for anyone who wants to mess around with their creative side a little bit by spending an evening with us exploring their hidden artistic abilities.  Enjoy a two hour private painting class with your friends at Unicoi Art Studio.

Select your own subjects, canvas size, and don’t worry if you have no idea where to start or feel nervous because a professional artist will always be there to assist you!Schedule your own private painting party any evening 7:30-9:30.


Painting + Drinks


includes all art materials 

11×14 canvases:

    $25 for 1 PTT

12×16 canvases:

    $30 for 1 PTT

16×20 canvases:

    $35 for 1 PTT

Bring your own canvas: continue paintings or bring your own canvas, use our paints and tools

    $15 for 1 PTT

Move the party to a local Roscoe Village Bar:

    $20 transportation fee



We have canvases, easels, paints, smocks, brushes, texturizing tools and a random assortment of images. You can also bring your own printed picture if you would like to paint something specific!


FB Paint the Town!


Schedule your own private Paint the town party.  Minimum 5 guests.

Our studio is available any evening to schedule your own private 2 hr painting party. If you would like the event at a nearby Roscoe Village bar, please contact us with potential dates and we will let you know if the bar is available.

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