Unicoi Art Classes

For both children and adults

Creativity is a process of original thinking and every child can benefit from it. We strive to provide a safe but exciting environment for children to explore their creative side. The more your child uses their imagination the more they will be able to invent multiple solutions to become excellent problem-solvers in not just art, but any subject for any profession they choose in life. Not only will they be developing their right brain, but also hand eye coordination and fine motor skills through practicing a variety of techniques. We strongly believe in using artist grade paints, brushes, glues and other materials so their projects will be vibrant and last over many years. One day, when your child is grown and has a family of their own, they will be able to show their own children what they made in their art class!

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We need to blow off some steam at the end of the day. Some people like to relax at home with a good meal,  others might need to get out for a little socializing by going to a bar for drinks. Or maybe take a yoga class for some deep meditation. You can do all that in our Paint the Town,  classes for adults. At Paint the town, you can grab food and drinks from the bar, enjoy meeting other artistic and creative thinking people and art is also very similar to yoga in that it helps your mind release from the day. Most of the day we are buried in left brained activities and thinking (vocabulary, mathematical , analysis and logical thinking). Art is a right brained activity (abstract, intuition, rhythm, emotion and imagination). It’s nice to give your left brain a rest and let it recharge.

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