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Fill out registration form if you are new to Unicoi, if you are a returning student, go to step 1

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If you don’t see the class your looking for, form a new class of your own with 5 students minimum!

Class descriptions and reservations

A few things you should know about our classes...

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Early registration

Use coupon code F3SS03 and register before September 10th to receive 20% off all single classes and sessions!


Join at any time

Missed the first few classes of a session? You can still join the class, our projects are individual lessons.

Missing a class

Did you know that you can invite a friend to a different class to do a make-up for you. riend’s must schedule in advance as well and fill out our registration form and schedule the drop-in the day before or earlier. Missed classes in a session can only be made up IF YOU HAVE NOTIFIED US OF THE ABSENCE BY 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE YOUR MISSED CLASS OR CAMP BY EMAIL OR WRITTEN NOTE. Verbal notification during class is not always recorded or remembered.   Classes can only be made up in the same session or summer.


Referring friends

Referring friends not only makes it a lot more fun, but you can earn credits that you can use for any of your classes, camp or birthday party plans.



Schedule your drop-in classes and make-ups by calling or e-mailing us. The reservation must be made by 3 PM the day before OR you can schedule several drop-ins in advance.   Missed scheduled classes and drop-ins scheduled or cancelled after 3 PM the day before you plan to attend class are subject to a $10 late fee.  Class cards have no expiration and can be used across sessions or even years, but classes must be scheduled as drop-ins ( by 3 pm the day before or you can schedule several in advance)


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