SUMMER CAMP 2017 - Children's movies and literature

Let's explore some of our favorite movies and books through art. Moana, Sing, Dr Suess, Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland, to name just a few!

June 12th- September 1st 

(Register by the day or week)



Morning Camp, August 24th and 25th.

Do not register for mornings or all day on these days.

Afternoon camp is still available


All orders must be in before 3pm the day before you plan to attend or earlier to avoid a $10 late fee per student.  If you register after 3pm, please add the late fee to the bottom of your reservation form. 

Registration Form

Fill out registration form if you are new to Unicoi, if you are a returning student, go to step 1

For new students


We will not add you to the camp schedule until forms and payment are received.

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Policies and Itinerary

Parents, please read the camp guide before attending camp

Camp guide

Summer Camp with US (Unicoi Studio) is full of fun, friends and creativity. Toys and games are rotated every few days, and we have an open craft table area for creations anytime. Each day offers 2, 90 minute classes so you can experience drawing, painting, collage and sculptures from famous children’s movies and literature. Art class 2 is a general mixed media class and we occasionally let campers choose their own subjects and surfaces for more independent masterpieces. In camp we also engage in group activities and games, drama exercises and enjoy the warm breezes at the local parks.  The best thing is our flexible schedule, you can register for 1 day, a week and now we have 4 week packs, pick any 4 weeks of camp.



Morning Camp  |   9:00-1:00  |   AGES 5-12


$57 per day   |   $260 a week  | 

*4 week pack $936 (save an extra 10%)

  • Morning social
  • 90 min Art class 1 -Theme Children’s movies and literature 
  • Lunch  bring a lunch. NO NUTS
  • Free time -toys and games
  • Park drama if weather requires staying indoors
  • Unicoi snack provided after 1pm for morning campers who stay all day

Afternoon Camp  |  1:30-4:00   |   AGES 4-12

Prices:  $40 per day    |   $175 a week  |

*4 week pack $630 (save an extra 10%)

  • Free play
  • 90 min Art class 2 -sketching, painting or mixed media

All Day Camp  |  9:00-4:00   |   AGES 5-12

Prices:  $85 per day   |   $400 a week   |

*4 week pack $1440 (save an extra 10%)

  • All itinerary from morning and afternoon

Week 1: Finding Nemo

(June 12-16)

Week 7: Land Before Time


Week 2: Wizard of Oz

(June 19-23)

Week 8: Wall-E

(July 31-Aug 4)

Week 3: A Bug’s Life

(June 26-30)

Week 9: The Incredibles

(Aug. 7-11)

Week 4: Sing

(July 5-7)

Week 10: Monster’s Inc

(Aug. 14-18)

Week 5: Alice and Wonderland

(July 10-14)

Week 11: Kung Fu Panda

(Aug. 21-25)

Week 6: Moana

(July 17-21)

Week 12: Dr. Suess

(Aug. 28-Sept. 1)


  1. ) Please reserve your camp days in advance to secure your spot in our program.
  2. ) Pack a lunch every day for morning camp (NO PRODUCTS WITH NUTS )
  3. ) View calendar for dates/times our camp is full and for individual special camp days we offer when schools are closed ( winter break, spring break, and holidays ).
  4. ) Put sunscreen on your child every day they attend summer camp.
  5. ) If your child has a highly contagious illness, lice, pink eye, or other transmittabe illness, please let us know as soon as possible and reschedule your camp attendance.
  6. ) View absence/make-up /drop-in policies


  1. ) We will not add you to the camp schedule until we have received all forms and payment.
  2. ) Please make all camp reservations and cancellations by 3 PM the day before you would like to attend.  Preferably in advance for guaranteed availability.  There is a non-refundable $10 fee for camp days added OR cancelled after 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE you would like to attend.
  3. ) Missed camp can only be made up IF YOU HAVE NOTIFIED US OF THE ABSENCE BY 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE YOUR MISSED CAMP BY EMAIL OR WRITTEN NOTE. Verbal notification during class is not always recorded or remembered.
  4. )  If you are unable to attend your scheduled camp day/week, we can reschedule to another available date if we are notified of any cancellation prior to 3 PM the day before it occurs.  We prepare materials and staff according to your requests so if we were not notified of the absence, your camp payment will not be refunded. If we were not notified of the absence, you CAN reschedule with a $10 re-scheduling fee per student.
  5. ) Missed camp can only be made up in the same summer and are not transferrable to future camp sessions or summers.

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