What you need to know about creativity intriguing statistics

What you need to know about creativity intriguing statistics

There’s a lot of benefits to tapping into your creative sources. We went in search of some compelling statistics, some of which could surprise you.  Remember, creativity helps us live in the present moment, see things from different perspectives and problem solve.  All of which will serve you when facing difficult life decisions or situations.

75% of people think they are not living up to their creative potential. – Advertising Age, 2012

At around about the age of five, we are using about 80% of our creative potential. Www.CreatingMinds.org

Researchers who have tracked children’s creativity for 50 years are seeing a significant decrease in creativity among children for the first time, especially younger children from kindergarten through sixth grade. – Www.WashingtonPost.com, 2012

Creativity fades away is when we do not use it.  One of the biggest culprits here is the simple pattern of human habit. Once we start doing something one way, we get comfortable with it and then do not change or vary it. Www.CreatingMinds.org

Being creative is not a passive process, and creative people are more responsive to sensory stimulation, have higher baseline levels of arousal, and increased goal-directed behavior. – Psychology Today, 2010

Analogical thinking is central to creativity. The creative person “makes connections” between one situation and another, between the problem at hand and similar situations. – Personalities of Creative People, 1993

In 2011, the United States moved up from the number four spot to the number two spot of the 16 most creative countries in the world. – Www.BusinessInsider.com, 2011

American Urban Studies theorist, Richard Flordia states in his book, The Rise of the Creative Class that creativity will drive the U.S. economy. – Www.USNews.com, 2012

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