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Free Spa Events

Mom’s indulge in mini facials while their little ones play

Make Your Own Jump Rope

Choose yarn, turn the crank, make a rope in 10 minutes.

Unicoi Art Studio Blog

New website and blog!

Welcome to our newly upgraded website. We hope you appreciate the design and we hope it works better for your mobile devices.  Please contact us if you find any issues and let us know about them.  Along with our new site we have a more functional blog now too.  Stay... read more

Interview with an Artist

Recently Unicoi Art Studio sat down to talk with Talia Halpern. Talia is a sophomore Art major at Smith College.   For Tali the decision to make a career in art was evident from early on. She was one of Unicoi’s first students, starting when she was…

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Cure your winter blues

Sometimes fall can bring you into a funk and if you think “winter blues” is just a term, think again.  According to psychology today, Seasonal Affective Disorder otherwise known as SAD, is a type of depression which has seasonal patterns and can reoccur regularly with the start of fall and winter. At Unicoi Art Studio we…

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