Unicoi Art Studio Policies

Important rules and considerations


  1. ) Call or e-mail us to confirm availability in the class or camp of your choice.  When availability has been confirmed we can e-mail you an invoice for requested session, camp days or other.
  2. ) Please do not arrive more than 10 min. early for drop-off or 10 min.s late for pick-up, as we have many classes to prepare for and clean after.
  3. ) Session prices reflect one class per week.  Sessions and classes are not transferable to future sessions.
  4. ) Please call or e-mail us by 3 PM the day before to schedule a drop-in or make-up class.
  5. ) Please do not bring any NUT products to class or camp as some children may be highly allergic.


  1. ) All cash must be labeled properly with: amount, date, first and last name of both the student and parent, in the envelop provided.
  2. ) We accept cash, checks to “Unicoi Art Studio” or Visa/Mastercard in person only.
  3. ) There are no refunds once you sign up for a session or camp unless there is a medical or family emergency.  If you are unsure about attending a whole session we have a pay per class and individual camp days for your convenience.


If you have a gift certificate please inform us about when you plan to use it in advance of paying for camp or classes.  Refunds will not be given for gift certificates and they can only be used at the studio, not online.



1.)  We will not add you to the art class or camp schedule until we have received all forms and payment.  

2. ) Please make all class or camp reservations and cancellations by 3 PM the day before you would like to attend.  Preferably in advance for guaranteed availability.  There is a non-refundable $10 fee for drop-ins added OR cancelled after 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE you would like to attend.  

3. ) Missed classes or camp can only be made up IF YOU HAVE NOTIFIED US OF THE ABSENCE BY 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE YOUR MISSED RESERVATION BY EMAIL OR WRITTEN NOTE. Verbal notification during class is not always recorded or remembered.  

4. )  If you are unable to attend your scheduled reservation, we can reschedule to another available date if we are notified of any cancellation prior to 3 PM the day before it occurs.  We prepare materials and staff according to your requests so if we were not notified of the absence, your payment will not be refunded. If we were not notified of the absence, you CAN reschedule with a $10 re-scheduling fee per student.  

5. )  Missed classes or camp can only be made up in the same session or summer and are not transferrable to future sessions or summers.



  1. ) Dress your child to get messy.
  2. ) Children must be potty trained for all drop-off classes.
  3. ) When you register more than one child you will receive a 5% discount on classes and camp.  Children must be siblings.
  4. ) Invite friends to class with you and earn referral credits, look at our referral program flyer for details.
  5. ) Form a new class.  If you would like to start a new class, review our class calendar to see when we do not have another class scheduled.  Four students signing up is the minimum to start a new class.  Ten students signing up is the minimum to make your class private.

If you purchased through Coursehorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase.  If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please contact Coursehorse here.


  1. ) Must be 18 or older to take our adult classes.
  2. ) Please review all general policies, absence policies and payment policies above.


  1. ) Please reserve your camp days in advance to secure your spot in our program.
  2. ) Pack a lunch every day for morning camp (NO PRODUCTS WITH NUTS )
  3. ) View calendar for dates/times our camp is full and for individual special camp days we offer when schools are closed ( winter break, spring break, and holidays ).
  4. ) Put sunscreen on your child every day they attend summer camp.
  5. ) If your child has a highly contagious illness, lice, pink eye, or other transmittabe illness, please let us know as soon as possible and reschedule your camp attendance.
  6. ) View absence/make-up /drop-in policies

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